Welcome to Maple Manor Farms of Carthage NC (a breeder of kiko goats)
We have approximately 20 acres of wooded rolling hills including a creek with fresh running water that needed clearing. We did significant research on the best type of goat requiring low maintance and decided to go with Kikos, and we are now hooked. Kikos are classified as meat goats, but also have good milk production.
Maple Manor Farms
350 Manor Rd
Carthage NC 28327
NNT'S Z41 "Riverboat Gambler"
Our Sire 100% DNA Verified Triple registered, most kids are his this year.
Kiko Goats in Carthage North Carolina

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 We have catagorized them, to make it easier for you to look for the type of goat you are interested in. All breeding stock goats born here will have birth weights, 90 day weighs, 2 CDT shots, a scrapie tag and a microchip, if registered. We try to handle all kids frequently to assure they are tame and easy to handle in the future.

Recent Update: We recieved EQUIP grant at the end of last year and have till the end of 2016 to complete it. We have been very busy, as of now have a new livestock well, 2 Litter Livestock Flatterers (freeze proof) a 400 ft water pipeline. we will be working on smoothing, applying lime & fertilizer and seed. It also included over 1000 ft of fence line. Last year we built a goat stand/livestock scale, and a new hay feeder. It has probably reduced our hay waste by 60-75%, and is pictured on the gallery page.

I am very proud of our link page on our website. We have linked sites that relate to kikos, goat health, farm supply stores, 4-H, extension offices, shows and conferences. You can actually come to our site and search all over the internet related to goats, without leaving our site. If you have a suggestion of further links that would be helpful to others, email me and we will try to get them linked.
Kids were born between 1/11/16 and 2/24/16.

We have 3 Purebred kiko doelings and 1 purebred buckling for sale.
We have one purebred doe for sale. We are also considering selling MMFS Sir John, New Zealand buck 4 years old. He is pictured on Sire page.
Site last updated April 2016
  1. Produce quality 100% New Zealand Kikos and American Purebreds kiko goats that are healthy & have
  2.           excellent qualities for breeding stock.
  3. Use the most natural means of raising our goats
  4. Share knowledge & resources with others interested in raising Kiko goats
  5. Working toward building a farm that will be profitable and a good example to others.
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We currently are members of the International Kiko Goat Association. All of our goats are registered with the IKGA and some have dual and triple registrations. Click on the tab above titled Links, and it will take you to our Links page. Click on IKGA for more details about kikos and the association. All of our kids can be parent verified.

We are excited that IKGA membership has voted in February 2016 to accept NKR paper,s if the goat is Sire verified by UC Davis. This will make things so much easier for farmers, that have goats from different associaitions.

Genotyping & Parent Verification: Breeders pull about 50 hairs with follicles attached and submit it to the association they are affiliated with. We submit our goat's DNA to the IKGA which uses the UC Davis Genetic Laboratory in California. All of our kids can be and usually are parent verified via DNA. This practice assures customers get the bloodlines they are expecting.

Alpha S1 Casein DNA Testing for goats: This is a test that looks for a particular protein that is carried through the goat milk to kids. Goats with variants of As and/or Bs are considered to have high levels of this protein. This protein is linked to high weight gain in kids and good cheesemaking. Gambler possesses this trait based on DNA.